About Us


Causeway Asset Management Limited is a UK wide, private, multi-disciplinary, real estate investment and asset management company owned and managed by its directors.

The company was formed in January 2015 by the senior management team of the former PBN Holdings Group of companies and created as part of the refinance of the PBN Holdings Group (now renamed the Kilmona Holdings Group), one of the largest property groups in Northern Ireland.

The senior management team guided the Kilmona Holdings Group through the NAMA and Cerberus process before refinancing and restructuring the Group's debt (secured on assets across the UK and across all property sectors) from Cerberus with term lending facilities from New York based Jefferies Loancore.

As well as providing real estate advice, asset management, development and financial modelling services, Causeway Asset Management teams up with new investment partners on real estate acquisitions throughout the UK.

The Causeway Asset Management senior management team have a combined total of over 100 years' experience operating in the UK real estate market including investment, management, finance, project management and development. Since the companies formation, the team have completed transactions totalling more than £350 million.